Wednesday, April 28

Road Trip with My Broadband

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Currently, I'm busy for my next month road trip planning. Finding friends to go together,booking hostel,arrange the time table.......ha,just as a celebration after i finished my half year internship life. And this time, Port Dickson is my destination.

This is not my first road trip, so i have gained experience before and know what should i bring along with and what preparation i should do now. But, one thing special for the coming road trip is, A mobile broadband would be my companion throughout the road trip!

I admit that, I have totally addicted with internet surfing recently, for blogging,facebook-ing,finding part time job,check mail,Youtube-ing, watch news and more.With a mobile broadband along my road trip.I can share the latest information about what's happening on and around here. Besides, i can share my travel stories, photos instantly with friends,net-friends, and blogger.

We know that,Malaysia has not provide free wifi services throughout the country. You may face with difficulty if you reach the area which has no internet connection if you know to settle some important thing by network. urgently. But nowadays, technology made nothing impossible and you can get internet connection easily with a mobile broadband in your hand!

When think about mobile broadband, fist thing come into my mind sure is P1 Wimax WIGGY ! It’s the 4G technology that can speed up to 70Mbps around the 50Km radius wireless coverage. It is tiny!you can bring it along your road trip easily!

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CloudFly said...

itu engtaukia lagi epat =.=''

Nikel Khor said...

haiz..engtaukia tat guy suka blog travel comment

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