Monday, February 22

DaYao 2010 concert

  Dayao 2010 concert will be held at DTC,university of malaya on coming wednesday.I'm busy like hell.......

  Well,i m one of the musician in this concert,as a "lansi"bassist,haha.In this concert,i will be involve in 2 instrumental songs and 4 own composed songs.Yup,all the songs are composed by us,and we all are from a music group in UM,call Yaolanshou.

 I've start my preparation since November last year.It is ok for me as that period are in school holiday,but problem arise when i started to be a cheap labour in a factory,as i need to attend the industrial training for half year in order to fulfill my university requirement.You know,everyday working like hell,after finished work,i need to spend all the night for performance preparation.If can sleep 5 hours per day is very good enough.Yesterday lay on bed on 3.30am,finally,i've start feeling not well in this morning when i wake up for work.Haiz.........really hope i can go through until thursday.I don't want fall sick in this VERY IMPORTANT period.God bless me ah........

 Now still in the office.I think my condition now is terrible,but i 'm very happy,because my supervisor has approved my illegal "leave"application on this wed(actually we have not any off-day can be taken,cheap labour mah).Yeah,my biggest worry is no longer available.

 Later got practice again,is a final practice.Hope everything would be fine. 

press me

Saturday, February 20


Woohoo,新年咯新年咯!!!老虎来了 ……^^


老实说,家乡跟吉隆坡的生活,真的很不同。在家乡,随时都能找到朋友大家要怎么开玩笑都可以,不用顾虑;在隆,朋友是有,但几乎每个都活在不同的圈子。初六回到隆,很多人都还没开始上班,很多店都还没开始开张,突然很不习惯城市的寂寞。约了朋友,可是他不得空,只好独自在外吃晚餐,原以为能趁着吃晚餐好好吹吹风,哪知我一吃完,老板一句话都不说就马上收起碗碟,因为要关档。哎哟, 难怪有人说:城市原本就是冷漠的。我还是喜欢家乡,很随性的感觉,慢慢的节奏,不会把人逼紧。

比起之前,今年的新年气氛比较浓厚,因为从圣诞节后,商场和市议会有足足两个月的时间去打造新年气氛。但是,今年很少人出来,因为天气真的太热了!对于我自己,感激主管让我拜五放了假,能够提前一天回到家,去收拾东西,大扫除,陪妈妈买年货,而不是像以往一样,一回到家就赶着吃团圆饭 =.=

新的一年,就要检讨过去,再开始迎接将来。看回我一年前的新年愿望( 2009新年愿望

1) 继续jamming,朝着成为我们的愿望前进:“TO BE THE BEST IN UM!!!” (是不是UM THE BEST 不重要啦,对得起自己就好)
2) 创作出一首让我满意的自创歌。。。 (这个算是还没有达成。。。。)
4) 我玩BASS要进步10倍!!  (有进步,但别说十倍,可能五倍都还没到)

1) 学业进步!!! (是进步了)
2) 数学不要再成绊脚石了。。。。 (放心,没有数学科目了)

1) 我要变总统!! (请继续发白日梦。。。)
2) 比以前更更有自信!!! (有啦)

1) 以前不是爱错就是选错。。。。。。这次不玩了,先保留吧。。。。  (erm,这个等别人回答)

1) 希望远方的朋友不会忘记我,呜呜。。 (还是希望咯 =.=)
2) 找到更多知心的朋友。。。 (是有啦)


-我要变总统 (发白日梦能够解压。。。)
-变肥(我在做GYM了 =.=)

-我不能一直跟别人借相机啦,我要新相机(如果中马票 T.T)
-想参朋友一起去photo shooting outing



Wednesday, February 10

Malaysia truly asia

First of all,sorry for not updated my blog this few days.Recently i was too busy,such a torturing time table:6.50am wake up,then go for breakfast before working.Back from work and reach to room about 6pm,eat,gym(if not hungry =.=),take bath,take a snap(5minute?) and the clock turned to 8pm already.After that need go for DAYAO practice(a campus concert).If there have no jamming practice on that day,i still need to have an own practice in room to find bassline(i m a bassist),to do some management stuff for my band,to listen reference songs,and arrange the song.So,usually i lay on my bed after 2am and just sleep for 4 hours per day.This become my daily routine time table since three week ago =.=

Life is boring,but we are the person to lead our own life.Happiness and sadness,is choose by yourself.So,how???? continue to find some interesting stuff from internet.

Today,want to share some funny photos with my blogger friends and my beloved blog visitors.These photos are all taken in Malaysia(truly Asia??).

A picture paint a thousand word.Hope that what i have share in this post,can bring a smile on your face. Enjoy.....

parking lot?

taxi uncle part time job

This is not a swimming pool =.=

hope my dad won't b like that =.=

emergency exit?

This kopitiam damn geng


communication with cow?
accidently or intentially?

i know i love you =.=

police also no excuse XD

i also won't press it if you didn't tell

and the last one,this one damn good XD

Wednesday, February 3


Feel so boring on this morning as my pretty supervisor is attending a training session at some unknown hotel currently, and leave me alone in office T.T So,how? She has not assigns any task to me and i really don't know what i need to do actually. Should i sleep in office? hehe,no........i think now reach the time for me to open YOUTUBE and find out something interesting since i can't watch youtube video smoothly in college as campus wireless speed is much and much slower than TURTLE's WALK =.=

Finally,Here, i've found another nice voice from YOUTUBE again, dang dang........a Country-Pop- Acoustic Duo,"krissy & ericka" from Philippine.

Music become part of life to sisters Krissy & Ericka! They just 16 years old!! Their talented has been discovered and being signed on to the biggest music company in the world MCA Universal Inc.Ya,girls,i'm damn crazy with the girls who playing guitar!when UM yaolanshou will get a girl like this?

Below are the cover song i like the most among of their videos.So nice,i can't stop playing this video!

YOUTUBE is really a famous medium for those unsigned and indie bands,teens even old folks(who??) to show their talents.So,when is my turn? haha,go work lah..... =.=

you may access to the following link to find out their other songs and info !!! trust at me,nice one !!!

Monday, February 1

大摇chapter two: bass with me


大摇已经越来越逼近,而我们的时间越来越少,因为BAND里的老大AH ZAU下星期就要回沙巴了,一直到彩排那天才回来,之后直接上台表演。觉得我们这一次又在做神的事,五首歌,两首instrumental,一个礼拜?呵呵,看来,我还需要学会变魔术,把全部人的状态调的最好,把我变成一个不用睡觉的铁人,这样每天去做工,回来再jamming到半夜也不会累。。。。

买了两个玩具送给我自己,当成是给自己的生日礼物:korg pickblack tuner , hartke bass attack。单单这两个,就让我牺牲了去看MONO演奏会的机会,还欠了很多人钱=.='' 人家coursemate都计划着年尾要去BANGKOK了,我还在为了找钱而烦。


chiu,说回主题:贝斯。你问我为什么当初要学音乐?我会说因为我喜欢音乐,还有一个,最重要的:我一直认为一个男人,一定要有一种才能。至少以后别人问起自己的女朋友,男朋友专长什么?她不会摸了头很久还是想不到答案。是什么都好,可能是体育,可能是艺术,可能是生意头脑(这算是才能?),可能是文学,可能是技术上的东西,怎样都好,怎样都好过一个男生说着:“我很会打DOTA” =.='' 你在问我为什么喜欢BASS?我会说因为我喜欢groove。


刚去找了chris,这次,不会伤心,反而觉得比较听懂了,至少不会像以前毫无头绪。karhui和lee farn最近都有去找chris学bass。结果一个回到了跟我说:“哇,很难”,一个跟我说:“i m so noob” =.='' 其实,我也曾经这样过。。。。。那这算是我进步了?呵,不敢说,只能说,我离pub级别,还很远很远。。。。。

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