Wednesday, March 23

Popular book fair 2011


记得第一本买的书是漫画,还是马来版的。买本地漫画家ZINT的作品。当时的室友买了他的其中两本漫画,跟他借了后开始上瘾。从那时起,每当经过便利商店,就会冲向Gempak starz的专柜,翻找ZINT有没有新漫画?同时,身边也会有一个人拉着我,她说买漫画浪费钱 =。=‘


当然,穷人家去书展最痛苦的事就是要CONTROL AND CONTROL.选了整整22本书,但因为budget有限,一本本忍痛的放下,最后,只买了8本。还好自己不爱看文学和翻译小说,不然,荷包真的会出血。

Thursday, March 3

look for proton cars?

   It was before Chinese New Year, somewhere around December 2010 to January 2011, i really can't recall how many friends or peers I have accompanied, or more specifically, fetch them around, to hunt and budget for new cars.

   Few reasons why this few months is the most popular season for us to exchange or purchase new car yearly, which are extremely make sense:

1. Most people do not like to purchase a car at the end of the year, claiming that the car will be registered 1 year earlier but in fact u have only used that for 1/2 months, example, november 2008 car rated as the same value with january 2008 car.

2. Bonus in hand, cash give you the power and courage to make a wilder decision.

3. Chinese New Year especially for the chinese, everything must be new and "ong", at least win some jealousy from the relatives.

   Although proton dealers claimed that they are running under the same policy with similar prices, we noticed there's a big difference in terms of price and loan offered. Therefore it take us long enough to make the best decision. The situation is worsen when it comes to second hand car, mroe issues need to be considered like the age and the millage at least.

   "When you have too much choice, you will be end up in choosing nothing ; when you have no choice, that will be the best choice." A magazine or website which provide a platform for the S&P of automobiles is extremely a good idea, however, if there's a platform which specifically advertise only one type/ brand of vehicles, the choice will be easier and more specific, which means scaling down of options.

   Besides the well-known malaysia trading site, I just found out another website: carsifu which sorts the advertisement according to vehicles' brand. Therefore, it is not only doing a good job in providing more options, but also to help consumer when you want to only choose from one brand.

   Time to plan for my next new car, i guess.hehe....

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