Friday, April 27

If you love someone

@语言老师说:如果你爱一个人, 不是下课给人家买买水,不是短信发来发去,也不是周末一起出来唱唱歌聊聊天吃吃饭打打电动, 而是立志做一个出色的人。



Understand her. In order to understand her now, you must learn about her past and understand that first because her past is what made her who she is now, maybe she’s been hurt so much it’s hard for her to trust so she puts these walls up around her and barricades her heart, she’s afraid that just maybe that if she opens up again that she will end up hurt again and she doesn’t want to go through that phase again. With that being said you have to listen to what she says, get to know what her mind is like, her thoughts are a representation of her feelings. You have to get to know her for who she is and always be honest with her so you can slowly build this trusting relationship with her. Don’t be the guy that doesn’t understanding, because you never took the time to learn and understand her past, you know?

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