Wednesday, April 21

UM lovemycampus

UMlovemycampus  is a community which formed recently in University of Malaya with their peaceful slogan: Love My Neighbor, Love My Campus UM. Love my neighbor means showing love and care to the people around us no matter what races, religions, cultural, social status, countries they came from. Love my campus means a feeling of appreciation to our University and to be concern about the things happen in the campus by making the campus a better place for learning and growing holistically.

Through this community,they hope it is able to build a good relationship among students,to increase the awareness of social concern in the University and to encourage the loving and caring values among the University students and the University.

I had joined their Know Your Campus, Love Your Campus Challenge contest. It is a simple contest organized by them where we just need to collect all 10 questions within a period time, answer them, then send the answers.The first 20 entry with all correct answer will be the winners and get the prize!!! All the questions are related with UM, if you are really love the campus and know it well,you sure can answer it.

I joined this contest without any hesitate as i think that maybe the winner can get the cash,i need money recently,i need to save about RM1500 within these two months.So,everyday i will visited their page to check the new question.

I'm so lucky and surprise when i was received their email and they informed me that I'm one of the winner.......WAH!!that's mean i really love UM and know it well??? =.='' aduuuii

Don't care it,what i look forward is the SECRET PRIZE,what is it actually????

 i want,nearly bankrupt recently T.T

Free trip???
trip to Space??? yaahooooo!!

Free bass???
 wah,so i can sell it to gain money in my account 


A memorable UM TNC signature???
i don't want =.=''

I ask teng to helped me collect the prize and the veil of the SECRET PRIZE are finally revealed,it is

a thumbdrive





erm,ok for me too,since it is free.I had lost my pendrive before this and now i get the new one,haha

Anyway,thanks UM lovemycampus XD
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