Monday, April 19

My Version of Grooming Tips

This is an article for project alpha 2

Oh,when talk about my own grooming tips,erm........actually guy are simple if compare with girl.Haha,this is my tips:

1. Please keep yourself far away from odor whether in workplace,party or event. You may choose perfumes, deodorant,anti anti-perspirant to avoid it.But don't over.

2.Use sunblock when you are go out, especially at the noon time.It may protect your skin from sun burn.

3.Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.  Try to minimize to eat meat.

4. Keep your body fit by going gym regularly.

5.Drink plenty of water at least 1.5 litres a day(i used to drink more than 2.5liters a day...can't live without water lol)
6. Keep your nails clean,And the last,check your zipper !!!!!!!!!!!!! make sure is closed,haha.

Then,what i would do before i go out?For me,have two version!!! depends on the situation and time,ha!

First one is normal version:
  1. Take bath and wash my hair
  2. Wash my face with cleanser and facial scrub
  3. Take out my toner, moisturizer and use it
  4. Dry my hair
  5. Style my hair with my Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild shake
  6. Apply hair spray on my hair
  7. Apply lip gloss on my lip
  8. And last one,use my
Adidas Action 3

Then,second is: Super duper fast version
  1. Take bath
  2. Wash my face with cleanser.
  3. Apply hair spray on my hair (skip moving rubber lol)
  4. And last one,use my Adidas Action 3 Again
Talk further about Adidas Action 3, the new absorbent anti-perspirant by Adidas.Personally,i like the blue colour: Fresh spray.It helps to block perspiration,keep us fresh and it help to absorb extra wetness. The price is very reasonable and it make the people far from bad odor.

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    Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS
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