Thursday, April 1

Taman Sri Endah

Recently I was helping out my family to purchase a unit in taman sri endah area.

There are mainly 3 options for us as our budget constrain is below 200k, Endah Ria, Endah Regal, and Endah Villa. Endah Puri can easily cost up to 300k + and the penthouse area costs 400k+ per unit. Therefore, there are no other choices but these three for us.

We were looking for Endah Regal in the very beginning as the external view looks finest with the brand new painting. Located near Endah Parade and right besides Endah Ria.

Endah Regal offers a bigger built-up square feet per unit with the same price as compared to endah ria. Besides, it is “one-block away” nearer to endah parade and public transportation station than Endah Ria. However, we didn’t put “her” into our first choice eventually. In spite of its age is 2 or 3 years elder than Endah Ria, the main reason that hold us back is they didn’t build a balcony for each and every unit. My father always fancied the enjoyment of sitting in the balcony, enjoy the night view and the pleasant cozy air, sipping Carlsberg and so-called “this is my life” the only joyfulness. We are not cruel enough to rob away his dream. Besides, during our purchase period there is one construction project going on just right besides Endah Regal. I believe most people would not enjoy to be greeted “good morning” with construction noises.
Our agent recommended us endah villa as she stayed there as well. Endah villa was actually 10 minutes walking distance from Endah Regal and it is much nearer to bukit jalil LRT station.

Similarly, it also offers a bigger built-up square feet than endah ria. However, since condominiums are 99 years of tenancy instead of freehold, endah villa has spent nearly 25 years of it. It has great environment and convenience but we are not only looking at the comforts of our new home but also the values and potential value behind it.

Finally comes to endah ria, no doubt it has smaller built-up square feet than the above mentioned 2. However, it is the newest and younger residential groups, mostly occupied by new forming families and foreign students.

I personally appreciate the security system in it where you need access card to go into the condominium area as well as your staying block. The security system used is similar to office usage. The only thing that turns me down is 2 blocks of it are facing highways, if you don’t mind, you can actually ignore the noise outside your balcony and keep enjoying your new home, as those who are facing penthouse view are averagely 10-20k more expensive.

From the above, obviously we have put in a lot of effort on researches and surveys regarding the price, built-up and surrounding environment on our targeted area. Since searching in the newspaper property advertisement wall is no longer a "trendy" move in doing so, we focused more in online searching. We have browsed through several websites and view a few units but came back with empty hands and disappointing mood. However, our fortune still lies at our side. I was browsing propwall finding that there were no units available for sell in our targeted condo posted there, but we found our current agent, debbee ooi, her contact number from it.

Propwall tends to appeared as luxury property websites with less medium priced choices, however, the Property forum offers us a lot of advice from current purchaser or agents.

I was praying hard to wait for the management to decide to paint the external appearance, as promised by the agents saying that the painting will be run soon and the prices are going to raise, whether it is a truth or just some sales techniques, hope it works.

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Nikel Khor said...

okok..they propetise there seem vri old liao lor

kRaZy said...

ur moving to sri petaling?

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