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Movie review: IP MAN2

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For those who are interested or haven know the synopsis of IP MAN2,click my previou post:If i'm IP MAN master,i would

I was invited by nuffnang for the IP MAN preview screening on 28/4. Still remember on that day,after back from office,time shown on clock was 6.15pm.I supposed have enough of time to take rest and have a nice dinner before i go out.But,my headache was back to me again and tortured me last......

Ha,sorry,i should write my review now instead of those bothersome

Many friends around me give a good thumb to this movie,but for me.....sorry,just ok ok for me,i know i'm a high expectation guy.

Storyline is too common and no surprise at all for me. Description of characteristic of characters are not deeply and what we can say is: "too cincai" !!!This is a biographical movie,so you would get dissapointed if you are the audience who looking for high-tech graphic effect,or some spectacular scene like《2012》,or dramatic love relationships. If compare with《Bodyguards and Assassins》,《IP MAN2》just like a "lower standard" class movie.

However,the fighting scene between The twister and ip man is quite excited and impressed me,every movement look so real.Director has successed to convey the important of mutual respect between people from different background and spirit of chinese martial arts.

Simple say,it's still a movie that worth to watch in cinema.So,what's your comment about IP MAN2?

 ip man and bruce lee

Extra: haha,do you saw some posterswhich mix up ip man and ironman together?

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Nikel Khor said...

yaya...i guess u sure go d lor..wakaka

: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Hrmmm.... I haven't go watch for both movies ler... T_T

FiSh said...

no time to watch both movies too );

CloudFly said...

ha,i'm waitng for my

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