Wednesday, April 14

Messy Blog

Recently, I found that my blog is really messy and unorganized, anyway, I’m just too lazy to change it and just abandoned it a side. Feeling tired after work is always my best excuse. Finally, I am done just now, rearranging my blog layout and deleted some unnecessary stuff. So now, do you feel better and not feeling blur when you come to my blog? Ha.

I plan to change my blog template, got roughly search some website just now, but still can’t find my cup of tea, maybe I’m too picky? So, do you have any website that can recommend? Appreciate it!

Hmm, found a useful website named website speed test from fang . It is quite interesting, you just need to key in you website/blog domain name and the program will test and estimate the loading time of your web page.

My blog's load time is 1.71 seconds, how about yours? Ha ha……

Then, i check my blog ranking in alexa ,oh...........better don't figure it out. Check yours at here:

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Nikel Khor said...


: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Haha !! I also thinking to "paint" my dreamland... But I couldn't find a suitable tea in the website. =(

My blog's load time is 1.78 seconds, very slow right? Haha...

And, I just tried your ranking tool, sad case !! T_T

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