Monday, March 29

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

This is an article for Project Alpha 2

 I'm always dreaming be a star musician on the stage and perform my best show,play my nice music to audiences,but i still need time to polish my lousy technique and skill,still need time to find a chance.It is so hard to find a friend who is playing music too in campus,it make me disappointed.Don't worry,my music journey never end,i still running on the way! But,beside music,anything else can make me famous? using BLOG!!!!

 Ya,it is Project Alpha again.Although Project Alpha 2 is still ongoing,but now,Project Alpha management has start to looking for the potential Malaysia bloggers to be featured on next Season!

 Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first TV show about real-life bloggers.From there,we can take a sneak peek into their lives,what makes them tick and from where they derive their inspiration.Beside,it is a platform for bloggers to interact directly or indirectly.

Below are the featured bloggers for Project Alpha2:

 So,do you wanna to be one of Malaysian top blogger,just like them? Chance has reached in front of your door,what you need to do is create a short video (60 seconds or less)about why you should be on Project Alpha 3!After it,you need to submit your audition by follow the simple steps below:

-Join ruumz or login to your account
-Join the Project Alpha ruumz group
(The option to join is located on the top left hand side of screen)
-Upload your video into the 'Auditions' Album below
-Insert a title and a short description about your audition.(Tag yourself in video and it will appear on your ruumz profile page) 
-Get your friends and family to "Like" your video
(View the T&C here)
It is worth to tell you that,the top 3 winners will be featured as guests bloggers in Project Alpha3,and they will also can walk away with:
1st Prize
- 3 days 2 nights stay at 360Kuching Hotel, Kuching in a Deluxe Room with breakfast for 2 pax
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)

2nd and 3rd Prize
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)

Here I'm show you an example if you still blur and have no idea about your video making:


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at or

Tuesday, March 23

大摇chapter 4: videos and photos


总结来说,这次的大摇,如果纯粹说表演和制作组,可以说的是,今年是这三年来,最棒的一次,当然还是可以在进步。而非制作组,看得出今年的组委没有比去年的来的凝固,或许大伙儿只是纯粹参活动。很怀念first year那年的那班团队,柳升依然是我在大学里最敬佩的学长之一,只可惜相聚时间不长。当然,今年的也过了,人要展望未来,但愿下届的大摇能做的更好。。。。也希望下学期会有新乐手进到马大和摇篮手(拜托拜托,观音嬷保佑)

这篇,没什么想说的,就放放当晚的一些照片和录影,让大家看看。今年的摄影者真的好多好多,拍照变成了一种潮流,当晚几乎台下比台上还忙 =.=''



这张好强 =.=''


最帅的男舞者:WEI JIE,哈哈

最lansi的bassist  lol

当没有看到脸的时候,就是最帅的时候 lol





BASSIST lansi合照


No sweat

This is an article for Project Alpha 2

Sometimes,I really don't like my morning class.My morning class always start on 10am,or 9am,the time which our "dear dear" sun is rise and start to "provide" its warmth to the earth people. Weather is getting hotter and what the pity is:I NEED TO GO MY CLASS BY WALKING. Alamak,my faculty is not that far from my hostel if compare with other fac,BUT,my classroom located at the edge part of the faculty ,somemore it is an uphill area.So,when walk to there,it is more like to climb mountain =.=''

Wake up in the morning,eat breakfast,take bath,going to class.When reach the class,I'm literally bathing in sweat!It is such a discomforting feeling!!!

Ha,but,I'm not facing with this disgusting circumstance anymore,because I'm working now as my course is under industrial training period currently.So nice,i am sitting in air-conditioned office,even lab and production line,it is also equipped with air-con!!!But it's just TEMPORARY.When i finished my training,i will face this those again =.=''

I can noticed that many friends who stay in hostel always complain in facebook,saying their room is like an oven and they are gonna to become a "chao da" satay dy lol,they are sweat at night although they are sleep on the bed and no doing any heavy movement activity.Even some of them are saying that they are sleep naked when their roommates is not around.

sleep naked???

Sweating is really annoying.So,have there any solution?After searching from internet, i found a new stuff: DEODORANT,which can be applied to the body to eliminate BO caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration,where antiperspirants can prevent odor and reduce sweat.

Here,i want to introduce a product to you: Adidas Action 3 Fresh Antiperspirant Spray,which is one of the product among ADIDAS action-3 series.The package is light and look so attractive.For those who have allergic skin,you don't need to be worry to use it as it is no contains any alcohol.

I think it is a nice stuff for you all.So,fast to go to your nearest shop and buy one! NO MORE SWEATING !!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at

Thursday, March 18

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

 Yeah, there have another fair coming to the town! It is Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

 Gatsby, it’s still a fresh brand for me when I was still a secondary’ school bookworm. Anyway i started to put my eyes on it when I found an interesting Gatsby commercial advertisement from TV. OOSSH, it was so creative and impressed me so much, how come a guy’s hair could be like that? And the expression of the guy at the end of the ad was damn GELI, haha. Yup, look at the video below, I’m sure you have watched it before.

  I m damn like Gatsby’s advertisement, it is really penetrated and dissolved into youth's understandings. Below is another Gatsby advertisement that I still can recall from my mind.

  Anyway, I use to be unfamiliar towards Gatsby product. There was one time, my class teacher talked to me in class….
    Teacher: ”tay,awak harus pakai gel kat rambut awak lah,barulah handsome sikit”
    Me: ”hah….oh…..”

 I didn’t answer my teacher as I’m totally no idea about hair gel? What is the function for? I decided to grab it in shopping mall.

  When reached at Watson, looking at the shelf, my head started to feel giddy. Moving rubber, hair cream, hair gel, wax,hair spray……how to choose? =.=’’ At last I bought a Mandom Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake because feel that wax and cream will made my hair oily.

  Now, Gatsby started to step themselves into deodorant market and they are organizing an up coming event followed by Gatsby deodorant product launching. In this fair, there are going to be lucky draws and there are various cool gadgets (such as electronic gadget, computer, mobile phone, and cash voucher) worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs!

  Besides, A lot of exciting fun-fair games are prepared for participants on that day such as Sumo Wrestling (in
air bag suits), gladiator battles and other amusing and addictive games.

  As an active Glitterati Nuffnanger, I’m invited by nuffnang to attend this event.Damn happy! And for those who are not nuffnanger but still feel interested to this street fair, you may visit and play their flash games, TWO invitation tickets will be given to all weekly winners. I’m not sure that you will be the lucky ones to win the lucky draw on that day, but I assure you that, your bag will be full with happiness together with a bright smile on your face when you are back. 

   Friends and bloggers, see you there!

Gatsby Deodorant Street

Date: 17th April 2010
Time: 10am till 5pm
Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur
-Monorailà Drop off at Imbi Station.
-Star LRT à Drop off at Hang Tuah Station and walk to Berjaya Times Square

Tuesday, March 16

My Favourite Surfing Spot

This is an article for PROJECT ALPHA2.

When need to write an article about surfing….yup, internet surfing, it is definitely suitable for me, because it is one of my  hobby that i will do when I’m free!
When you start to know about internet and online?
I think my first time to online by using computer was when I'm still a spm student. Yup, don’t laugh at me =.=’’ I know nowadays, even a  6 years old child already familiar with laptop and internet. I owned a mobile phone when I’m form four too =.=’’ such a outdated kampong boy.
When my father bought a computer for us, I’m totally don’t know anything about internet, I feel weird that, how my computer can line connect to a certain website? Isn’t there have a cable that link between my computer and their company? By using the LAN cable?     
I still remember that, at that time, it is still a DIAL-UP internet usage (28.8kbps only in my house). I’m used to online for some homework discussing with other net friends and it was always annoyed me that because it was waste my time to load a page, moreover it charge by bytes!!!
Where is your favourite surfing spot?
Ermm, I think is my office, haha!!!
Currently, I’m under industrial training period and I’m work as a “cheap labour” in a semicon factory. I always reach office early, just for surfing internet and enjoy the 100MBPS connection speed!! Cool man! I’m damn feel disgust when online in my “very is ONE” um college, the line is slower than turtle walk and very unstable. I really can’t know how those Korea exchange students’ feel when they are stay in college, since Korea is the country which has faster internet speed in world.
Inside office, I can load my page smoothly, open YouTube smoothly, upload photos and video smoothly and there is a air con environment! Besides, I can also chit chat with my colleagues who sit surround me when I m busy to click my mouse.
BUT, time is limited, I only can open internet during lunch time and early morning =. =’
Surfing internet by?
Same, my training just leave three month more, it is impossible for me to use 100MBPS connection speed forever. So I still need to have my own modem.
Now, portable modem is very popular since it allows you to online at everywhere. Here, I m planning to buy p1 WIMAX, their  W1GGY Prepaid.
With W1GGY Prepaid, I can enjoy the W1MAX with no commitment, and don’t have to be tied up to the contract! It just cost me RM199, and I will get a W1GGY modem wit 800 kbps! Remember, FREE 4GB usage! Woohoo!!!!
If you’re interest to know the further details, please log on to

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Friday, March 12

Malaysia truly asia........again

 haha,i m kinda surprice that,my previous post:Malaysia truly asia had got a lot of feedbacks and they are keep asking me that,where to take de photos? photo took by myself ? really happened in malaysia and more....until i can;t recall one by one,haha.

 Well,reveal the answer now...dang dang dang dang.......

 Actually,those funny picture are taken from an email,not snapped by me. I'm TOTALLY unable to freeze so much funny moment in camera lah, i'm still an undergraduate,less time is spent outside just to wait for those funny moment to be appeared,ha.

  Ok,put rest of the photo now....

new style's car clamp

 this milk is for dinosaur?

 this driver so balia

 tyre terterbang??

 source of air pollution

take care of him or want buy him?

 kesiannya anakni

i can self haircut for free in my room =.=''

lebih kurang =.=''

this bangla damn geng

Thursday, March 4

大摇chapter 3: 技术检讨

最近宿舍的网线真的很慢时变的好懒惰上网了懒惰更新博客。。。。。。最后,开始有人会问:干嘛没有写博客的?电话上问,当面问,问到突然我开始有种愧疚感 =.=’’
  啦,我写 =.=
  DAYAO系列陆续有来,这次,专注在技术方面的讨论。先说我自己,为工作,原本负责2INSTRUMENTAL,5首自创曲,但到最后丢了一首给KARHUI。呵呵,对我,质重要过量,我只希望,现在的我,跟当年还是THIRD YEARCHRIS,不会差太 T.T 
 这首,是我听到最多欢呼声的,因为舞蹈的关系 lol  (不过我有听到有人在VIOLIN PARTSECOND PART时狂叫 lol
实说,当晚我们还没有把这个曲子的精髓表演出来,SOUND BALANCING问题. 该死的!第一首,往往都是实验品 =.= 而整体编排上还不够精致和细腻,我原本想放西方笛的(也不知道真正的名字),可是没时间了,也不知道上哪找这玩意儿。
,IDEA希望日后的junior可以延续这idea。舞蹈配乐手这次我们之间有了更多互动。很喜欢玩instrumental,在缺少vocal的情况下乐手们都能真正的聆听到其他乐器的弹奏我喜欢这样的环境。如果明年有参大instrumental想玩类似gospel music,free jamming东西我要把每个乐器的特色真正体现出来

实说一开始很不习惯这新歌词因为看惯了《我的时间》但久后觉得新词其实不错谢谢小J  ^-^
bassline原本想玩j pop style bassline就用了很久的时间去编后来才发现到原来我没真正体会j pop bassline的精髓现在有的只是说poppop,j pop j popcloudfly典型bassline, 呵呵,<听我的也是差不多只是时而不见bassline较有挑战性这首歌的bassline两个地方很难玩,很好笑。。。。。编的时候还很爽,玩的时候,好难 T.T  要又快又准,但当天我都把它弹好了,对得起自己。SIM说我的tone软了,不够mid这我承认,台上听的,跟观众听到的,真的不同,以后不管在哪里,BASSMID一定要比理想中的多一点,因为声音去到观众那里时,已经开始扩散了,这是我这次所疏忽的
这首歌其实在校创的时候就做好了,只是不满意,所以改了点,再放上大摇。有朋友说,这首歌好听,只是当天sound setting那有点吵,总之终结来说,这是一首很cloudfly style的歌 lol
The knight
这首歌让我烦的是,tone T.T
说这首歌是metal,实还好,只是比较重的pop,没有double pedal,没有16bits riff,没有很重的 attack pointbass没有很distort铁的声音,但也很好,因为邦文说过,华人接受不到metal lol
tone发现到很多metal bandtone都不同,有的很distort,有的很bright。我metal真的不太熟悉,所以选择半distortbright。想用pick玩,可是真的不会拿pick,就学slap。可能是观音嬷看我每天连这么迟,被感动到 lol ,摸了几下,平时怎么练也不会的slap,尽然被我抓到了,呵呵!!
很喜keyboardstring,第一次听了就被吸引到,calvin i love you \ o.o / 歌手呢,雯的声音明显还不够力道摇篮手里也没其他更好的了她也尝试做到最好了所以为她拍掌woooo, um most pretty华人中真的很难找到适合唱metal
这首歌,j rock,原本希望有effect sound,凯文赶不出,没办法了。而bassline让我最头痛,因为自己完全不知道要怎么玩,我知道可以玩得多姿多彩,但手一拿bass,就完全找不出。可以说,这首是我在练习时,最不重视的歌,连这首歌的完整练习,也是在大摇前一天才开始的 lol,但最后的成果其实还算ok,哈!当天玩的bassline,是我在大摇彩排前一天用两个小时逼自己呕出来的。我没有玩很特别,很j rock东西,很简单的follow chord加少少的passing note
实这首歌很简单,我只需要跟着guitarnote走就可以了。整体来说,这首歌还不够《铁马行空》那样有感觉,不够享受,因为tempo好像很快,keyboard和鼓好像一直在打架=.=’’’ 过欣乐唱得很好,他一直是我欣赏的junior
们没什么留意bass sound,有很多首因bass太小声了,搞得我要一直跑来跑去,通知soundman。而keyboard,有些歌听到,有些没有。guitar,还好。drum,cymbal声音太wet了。violin声音一直被full band盖掉。
过,遇到一个很好玩的soundman: louis lim,哈哈。吃饭时,陪我们讲笑话,在后台,陪我们鸟。我们彩排时,站在drum那里,一边听歌,一边摇头,鼓手玩错时,不时我们骂,反而是他骂,哈哈!!后来看了他的facebook profile,原来他也是玩band的,还小我一年 =.=
这次选择模仿五月天玛莎的bass sound setting,还不是真正满意许又要开始重新搜索适合自己的tone。当晚,观众一定会看到一个傻子,在台上拿着一张纸,利用电话微弱的灯光,在地上调啊调,呵呵,我每一首歌都用不同的tone。第一次用bass attack还不是真正的通窍,我想,这次,算勉强过关吧????
在大摇前一天时,因为练习太频密,右手的中指开始起水泡。不玩还好,一玩,手指痛得不得了,所以彩排时,就是一边弹,一边忍着疼痛 T.T 。当晚,手指贴着plaster,就直接上场了(这算是带伤上阵?不,带痛上阵),手指没办法玩得很准很solid,但至少还过得去,所以在结笔之前,做个最后的结论,那就是::




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