Monday, April 5

My Favourite Sport

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wau.......when talk about SPORT.Yup,before i start to play music and become a so call music-lover,i'm totally fall in love with sport,different type of sports,by playing myself or watch the live match from TV.I think i have no any sport which i like the most currently as my time is limited,now,cloudfly has drop into his music world,left hand hold his beloved small red(bass),right hand reserved for his future camera(future mean haven buy,haha),so,here i will talk some sports which i addicted with it since i'm small.

I think when i'm still a young boy,i'm fall in love with NBA,yup,basketball. I like michael jordan and chicago bulls so much.Everyday,i will grab my father's newspaper and looking for NBA news,when i found that the NBA news' photo is nice,i will cut it and paste in my special "NBA photo collection album".haha. Besides,every week,i will catched the newest episode of japan basketball animax from tv: SLAMDUNK(this also a reason i like sports???? =.='')

When i entered secondary school,i give up of NBA,since my michael jordan has retired and feel that iverson and kobe bryant is not my cup of tea =.=''' such a good excuse,huhu. At that time,i started to put my eyes on badminton. I still remember,when teacher asked us to fill the "cita cita "column in the student personal profile,i wrote NATIONAL BADMINTON PLAYER as my first choice,haha. I like badminton quite a long time,but during secondary school,i'm a ping pong player.haha,so complicated!!!

Not only badminton,i like to watched WWE during secondary school too.THE ROCK,BATISTA,BIG SHOW,TOO COOL and many more,i cant recognise their nickname.But my mother always shut off my tv when she found that i'm watching WWE,as she think that WWE will leave bad influence on me.I stopped to watched WWE after 3years when i found that WWE storyline is totally boring and always repeatted unstop.Forgot to tell,my favourite WWE superstar is CACTUS JACK,ha.

Now,i'm not addicted with sport like before,and there has no any sport which i like the most when you ask about MY FAVOURITE SPORT,my life is full with different sports,ha.Now,i put my time for music,for band,for photography,but i still used to watch football match during weekend,it just for entertaining myself.

As usual,when think about sport,Adidas will appear in my mind.Remember,get one deodorant before you go for sport.refreshing yourself and no more body odour!

Adidas care wash

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Nikel Khor said...

one credit token for great

ilyani said...

nice post!

btw arrivd here from FB page.. come check mine too ^_^


Kelvin said...

I love basketball and WWE from a young boy until now.
Too bad Shawn Michaels is out of WWE now.

Cassie said...

good luck!

Tony Wan said...

Hahaha....You also play ADV for NN already? Good Luck lah!

CloudFly said...

thanks for visited ^^

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