Monday, March 29

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

This is an article for Project Alpha 2

 I'm always dreaming be a star musician on the stage and perform my best show,play my nice music to audiences,but i still need time to polish my lousy technique and skill,still need time to find a chance.It is so hard to find a friend who is playing music too in campus,it make me disappointed.Don't worry,my music journey never end,i still running on the way! But,beside music,anything else can make me famous? using BLOG!!!!

 Ya,it is Project Alpha again.Although Project Alpha 2 is still ongoing,but now,Project Alpha management has start to looking for the potential Malaysia bloggers to be featured on next Season!

 Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first TV show about real-life bloggers.From there,we can take a sneak peek into their lives,what makes them tick and from where they derive their inspiration.Beside,it is a platform for bloggers to interact directly or indirectly.

Below are the featured bloggers for Project Alpha2:

 So,do you wanna to be one of Malaysian top blogger,just like them? Chance has reached in front of your door,what you need to do is create a short video (60 seconds or less)about why you should be on Project Alpha 3!After it,you need to submit your audition by follow the simple steps below:

-Join ruumz or login to your account
-Join the Project Alpha ruumz group
(The option to join is located on the top left hand side of screen)
-Upload your video into the 'Auditions' Album below
-Insert a title and a short description about your audition.(Tag yourself in video and it will appear on your ruumz profile page) 
-Get your friends and family to "Like" your video
(View the T&C here)
It is worth to tell you that,the top 3 winners will be featured as guests bloggers in Project Alpha3,and they will also can walk away with:
1st Prize
- 3 days 2 nights stay at 360Kuching Hotel, Kuching in a Deluxe Room with breakfast for 2 pax
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)

2nd and 3rd Prize
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)

Here I'm show you an example if you still blur and have no idea about your video making:


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at or

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