Wednesday, November 17

Wake me up when exam ends

   Damn, my clock beside me shows the time now: 3.30PM 3.30AM! I am failed again to lay down myself on bed before 1.00AM.

   Had a supper moment with Mizheng and Jocelyn yesterday, 3.30AM also, planed to grab a seat at Seapark pasar and ordered a bowl of delicious curry wantan mee. Unfortunately, the stall was closed! Damn!!!

  We went to SS14, ate nasi lemak at there, filled my hungry stomach and ordered a glass of hot milk to dilute my depressed mood.....I remembered, when i slept on bed,the time was 7AM.......

  A decadent day has started.....

  Woke up at 1PM and missed the lunch time....went to faculty to printed out my thesis but have been trapped at faculty for one hour due to the fuXking raining.....when reached room,headache again.

  After dinner, took out my bass for a short practice. Seriously, Festival seni 2011 is my aim,i hope to won the best bassist award in the pop band event.I'm never attended festival seni as a bassist before. I found that my tempo control still weak, like what chris described before,i'm too anxious when playing bass.Gotta improve more and more!

  I think it is the best moment for revision after playing bass, but headache was back again! migraine? or just because i overnight yesterday?

  Lay down on bed again.......finally,giving up to do the revision tonight, but listen to music! Music is always my best medicine to cure my headache problem =.=''

  Falling in love with Craze band recently and i love this song! 《wake me up when September ends》. One of my favourite song while i'm still a first year undergraduate,remind me of some nice memories while i'm spending my time with Malay friends in college's studio.

  Kinda do not have the exam mood now,thesis have depleted 90% of my energy, need a short rest to regain.Can you just wake me up when exam ends?

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