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Find a Room to let in KL

  Normally,when u have finished your first year in university,you have a choice which will bother you for a long time, which is to Move out from college or continue to stay in college.

  We know, staying inside college is more convenient and more secure. In other words, college is extremely suitable or specially designed for the people who always love to wake up at the last minute before their morning class. They are able to park their ass inside the classroom within few minutes after waking up.The distance between college and faculty is just TOO CLOSE for them. However,some people may hate the typical college life in campus and want to move out,hope to get MORE freedom and MORE privacy for themselves.So,how to find a room to let near your campus?

  Sure, your own financial ability must be taken as the main consideration. Your fund inside your  piggy bank  bank account will be the crucial criteria in making the choice of what kind of living space you will get. You may find a roommate instead of living alone inside such a BIG room. You may get a part time job from an agent to grab some cash from them to make your wallet as thick as a burger.

  Second, don't waste your time and try to check the real estate listing. caribilik.my is my suggestion for you. By simply clicking your mouse, the list will come out in a short time:

19558 Rooms For Rent in Kuala Lumpur

   Don't judge caribilik.my as an USEless website just because of their simple layout. Yes, is simple,but useful. Every post is completed with room description, extra info, monthly rental,even photos!

   Remember,throw all of the listings that meet your requirement into your watch list. Now, put individual security as your priority while choosing your "FUTURE PERSONAL HEAVEN". It is not a new issue that security in Kuala Lumpur has achieved a dangerous level and become a hot topic. Please ensure that the housing area is not dangerous. Besides, try to know who was the previous tenant and background of the room. Don't accidentally stay in a haunted room! 

  Lastly, be a good decision maker. Don't be influenced by friends' comments or baseless statements. Remember,the final decision is in your hand. wish you good luck in finding your dream room!
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