Friday, March 12

Malaysia truly asia........again

 haha,i m kinda surprice that,my previous post:Malaysia truly asia had got a lot of feedbacks and they are keep asking me that,where to take de photos? photo took by myself ? really happened in malaysia and more....until i can;t recall one by one,haha.

 Well,reveal the answer now...dang dang dang dang.......

 Actually,those funny picture are taken from an email,not snapped by me. I'm TOTALLY unable to freeze so much funny moment in camera lah, i'm still an undergraduate,less time is spent outside just to wait for those funny moment to be appeared,ha.

  Ok,put rest of the photo now....

new style's car clamp

 this milk is for dinosaur?

 this driver so balia

 tyre terterbang??

 source of air pollution

take care of him or want buy him?

 kesiannya anakni

i can self haircut for free in my room =.=''

lebih kurang =.=''

this bangla damn geng

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Nikel Khor said...

erm, malaysia boleh lor..

from Nikel Khor

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