Tuesday, March 16

My Favourite Surfing Spot

This is an article for PROJECT ALPHA2.

When need to write an article about surfing….yup, internet surfing, it is definitely suitable for me, because it is one of my  hobby that i will do when I’m free!
When you start to know about internet and online?
I think my first time to online by using computer was when I'm still a spm student. Yup, don’t laugh at me =.=’’ I know nowadays, even a  6 years old child already familiar with laptop and internet. I owned a mobile phone when I’m form four too =.=’’ such a outdated kampong boy.
When my father bought a computer for us, I’m totally don’t know anything about internet, I feel weird that, how my computer can line connect to a certain website? Isn’t there have a cable that link between my computer and their company? By using the LAN cable?     
I still remember that, at that time, it is still a DIAL-UP internet usage (28.8kbps only in my house). I’m used to online for some homework discussing with other net friends and it was always annoyed me that because it was waste my time to load a page, moreover it charge by bytes!!!
Where is your favourite surfing spot?
Ermm, I think is my office, haha!!!
Currently, I’m under industrial training period and I’m work as a “cheap labour” in a semicon factory. I always reach office early, just for surfing internet and enjoy the 100MBPS connection speed!! Cool man! I’m damn feel disgust when online in my “very is ONE” um college, the line is slower than turtle walk and very unstable. I really can’t know how those Korea exchange students’ feel when they are stay in college, since Korea is the country which has faster internet speed in world.
Inside office, I can load my page smoothly, open YouTube smoothly, upload photos and video smoothly and there is a air con environment! Besides, I can also chit chat with my colleagues who sit surround me when I m busy to click my mouse.
BUT, time is limited, I only can open internet during lunch time and early morning =. =’
Surfing internet by?
Same, my training just leave three month more, it is impossible for me to use 100MBPS connection speed forever. So I still need to have my own modem.
Now, portable modem is very popular since it allows you to online at everywhere. Here, I m planning to buy p1 WIMAX, their  W1GGY Prepaid.
With W1GGY Prepaid, I can enjoy the W1MAX with no commitment, and don’t have to be tied up to the contract! It just cost me RM199, and I will get a W1GGY modem wit 800 kbps! Remember, FREE 4GB usage! Woohoo!!!!
If you’re interest to know the further details, please log on to www.p1.com.my/prepaid

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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