Wednesday, February 10

Malaysia truly asia

First of all,sorry for not updated my blog this few days.Recently i was too busy,such a torturing time table:6.50am wake up,then go for breakfast before working.Back from work and reach to room about 6pm,eat,gym(if not hungry =.=),take bath,take a snap(5minute?) and the clock turned to 8pm already.After that need go for DAYAO practice(a campus concert).If there have no jamming practice on that day,i still need to have an own practice in room to find bassline(i m a bassist),to do some management stuff for my band,to listen reference songs,and arrange the song.So,usually i lay on my bed after 2am and just sleep for 4 hours per day.This become my daily routine time table since three week ago =.=

Life is boring,but we are the person to lead our own life.Happiness and sadness,is choose by yourself.So,how???? continue to find some interesting stuff from internet.

Today,want to share some funny photos with my blogger friends and my beloved blog visitors.These photos are all taken in Malaysia(truly Asia??).

A picture paint a thousand word.Hope that what i have share in this post,can bring a smile on your face. Enjoy.....

parking lot?

taxi uncle part time job

This is not a swimming pool =.=

hope my dad won't b like that =.=

emergency exit?

This kopitiam damn geng


communication with cow?
accidently or intentially?

i know i love you =.=

police also no excuse XD

i also won't press it if you didn't tell

and the last one,this one damn good XD

9 Clouds:

kenwooi said...

hahah.. nice funny pics =)

PiNk ButTeRfLy said...

those pics are damn funny.

u captured them urself eh?

Hot and naughty blog said...

Alamak,...lucunya, so funny...

~JoAnN LiM~ said...

loved the durian one. XD

Nikel Khor said...


from Nikel Khor

Anonymous said...

thanks for bright my morning^^

medic / scribbler said...

hihihi... i like these pictures.. soo funny! XD

joysan said...

hahaha..the guardian uncle very funny la...n the durian oso!!

CloudFly said...

hehe,those photo are not captured by me,took from an email de,will post other in my blog later lol

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