Thursday, June 3

Gimme Food on Flights

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Do you have experience before?Imagine that you have an enjoyable and delicious meal on your flight??Ya,not mamak,not restaurant but on flight!

Yup,which food you despire to eat on flight?for me,absolutely is RAMEN!!!!

Why?My answer just simple and short: I love RAMEN(more than woman lol).It is my favorite food!I used to visit some Korean or Japanese restaurants and order their signature ramen,but i have to admit that,not all impressed me, or more correctly is:Never have one which make me feel like to try it for second time.Maybe my expectation too high?maybe their ramen is really "can't not go"?

Last month i had visit a ramen shop, I ordered beijing hot n sour lamen. Definitely,this is the best ramen i had ever try.When i recall of this dish,the flavour of the soup feel like just pass by from my nose,i still can remember the smell! (i will recommend this ramen shop for the upcoming post)

So for MAS,maybe can try to mix in some local flavors and specialty in my favorite ramen dish.However,i know that,it is impossible to serve the ramen with soup inside aeroplane,so try to make a DRY RAMEN,ha!Time to change your food menu!

Ya,don't forget about Project Alpha show! Episode of 43-46 are here!

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Never go hungry while flying with MAS!

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