Thursday, May 20


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Yup,i know i had abandoned this pity blog for two weeks.I will change my blog layout and content soon.

Just back to here for awhile… conclude what’s happened in my life recently.

For my internship, finally, just left three more weeks then we will end our internship officially. However, this is not an ending terminal; we will continue our last academic year in university and struggle with thesis after one month holidays. Thank God that this internship provided a bird eye view on the actual process happening in the industrial line. The knowledge learned and experiences gained are beneficial for me for the coming years. However, the most important thing that I realized throughout the internship is HUMAN RELATION AND COMMUNICATION is extremely important, especially when you face with people from different background.

For my band, after UM Dayao concert, there has no any practice or jamming anymore, everyone just step back to their own position, work hard for studies, for thesis and word hard to become a so call cheap labor in factory , like me, ha. Dear drummer,weesim passed his second year medic course final exam,so he will be going to klang for his 2sem practical and get one step closer with his DOCTOR dream......erm....But when i look at him,there has totally no any smell of doctor get out from his body!like a clubbing guy more,haha. So,thats mean we need a new drummer to replace him and so fortunately,Raymee willing to join us.New line up again...good or bad??ha,don't know.

For my bass.....haha.After UM Dayao concert,i stopped practicing bass as my right middle finger is too painful. Then during March,i went to gym too frequent until totally no energy to play bass when reach my room. During April and May,something has happened,i started to feel like having no inspiration to play bass,just feel that my future in music is blur,i can't find a reason for myself to hold the bass again.I decided to take a rest for some period.But i know,being rest for too long will make me give up in music after it,so what i do is to force myself to listen to music,to attend gig,to watch friend's jamming,i know,i can't give up so easily,this is my dream since i enter uni. Similarly,i didn't find my shifu Chris for four month, before enhancing my lousy music theory, finding him is just a waste of time and money.Finally,Sim has recommend our band to perform in a upcoming charity gig,Grooves in Motion3.Yea,there is a gig in pub,I always wanting to perform in pub!Thanks to SIM so much,thanks for him willing to chat with me and encourage me,i need to motivation in this period!And what i know is: I won't give up!

For photography,i decide to put it aside. It is useless for me for just view other photographer's photo without any practical.I have no my own DSLR but once i get my salary after graduation,i will get it!

For my own....erm....i always think about my own life.Sometimes,i'm envy to my friends,or other batchmate in college.Their life is just normal and simple,everyday go for class,then take a nap when back from class,night play DOTA,dating wf gf/bf,chit chat at lobby,watching drama and download drama.I really feel strange about drama and tv programme right now,or more correctly is:i lost my interested towards them,i think it's just wasting my time when i watch it.During my idle time,i will practice on bass,band discussing and preparation,listen to many songs for reference and online search something which is useful for me.I can't differentiate which one is true and false?why i make my life so complicated?or this is good for me?Ha,but what i think is:using time to play DOTA and games,or watching drama is totally waste my time!and i won't do it.

I know,I'm going to be a 4th year student in campus soon,graduation is just around the corner.It is useful for me that i have get to know with many people,not only in college,and i got the opportunity to chat with them who are elder than me.Ya,i always concern about my future.Zhiqin praise at me that i have such kind of thought and always find better way to increase my life quality.I know,I'm a man,not woman,it is not possible for you to feed a wife in KL without RM5000 monthly salary,but right now,salary for fresh graduate(engineer) just RM2400-2600,so how?there is the question i need to think about!

Right now,i'm facing with financial problem.Damn,my laptop spoiled!!!my laptop never have problem before,but once it have problem,straight away prompt up the BIGGEST problem:motherboard!!!WTH!!!i need to buy a new laptop,no choice at all!!WTF HP,i won't buy HP anymore! got any recommendation for laptop?

Ya,laptop spoiled had ruin my own plan for this two month.I will travel Taiwan with hometown friends next month,i just want to find a new environment to refresh my mind.So I always find part time jobs to earn some pocket money for this trip.Until now,i still haven achieve my target,some of the supervisor still haven pay the salary to me!Moreover,our dearest UM bendahari just announced that every undergraduate is compulsory to clear their fees before next semester registration,aduuuui,Money shortage now!!how?i plan to cancel my Taiwan trip,at this critical period,two HEROES are appears in front of me,ZHIQIN say he will lend money for my trip,then my best hometown friend SHENG say he will be giving my some cash to sponsor me.......T.T get touched!i know,speaking by mouth and doing by hand are different,but i need to admit that i feel warm when i hear from them.Thanks!but i will settle myself.

I never feel stress for money before,this is first time,but i still keep smile in front of friends, hope that GOD will let me know the best solution after it,or worst,just cancel my Taiwan trip....ha!~

Last,if you read my sentence at here,congrats and really thank!you are survived from my broken English,you are concern about me,willing to spend your time to watch a so long post. leaving a comment to let me know that you are here!yoohoo....

Gambateh for myself!

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jian ling said...

haha... maybe I am the first one who discover this post?! Hmm, not broken English, its fluent and easy to read. Your laptop really spoilt ar? Cant repair anymore?

Its good you can think of your future. But thinking must follow with action. “行动始于知识,行动完成知识。”光有知识不能带给你任何转变,你必须要化知识为行动。quote from a book..

CloudFly said...

Repairment cost RM1000,better buy new one T.T

:+: 玫桦 :+: said...

my dear coursemate, u dare to say urs is broken english then how abt me? haha.. all de best for the remaining intenship.. Do enjoy urself when travel around taiwan~ take more photos and buy me a souvenier.. haha.. kidding la k~ take care brother..

ZaU said...

jangan pikir banyank banyak...pigi main dulu ~~

: : - LoLLy - : : said...

First of all, your english is not considered as broken as what you thought, mine more worst than you. =(


I want taiwan's souvenir !! Muahaha !! *evil grins*

Your post really long, and I've succeed to read it all, I'm not that patient actually. =P

Good Luck for your future and take care of yourself. ^_^

Verbally supporting you, cloudfly !! ^_^

jian ling said...

ya lol... better buy a new one... Think properly whether worth go Taiwan at this time or not o... Wish to hear from you soon...

li ee said...

wei..ur e-mail make me wori bout u liao how?
bt that nite talk too long, left a bit money in my card onli T.T

maybe i cant reli contribute/helps up...
bt i'm willing to listen ,anytime^^
rmb i'm always there for u o!!
miss ya

kenwooi said...

not broken english.. but is manglish.. haha =P

CloudFly said...

meihwa:henk finished LI visit and we are gonna to have a unique semester time table start nex sem lol

zau:pikir gig 6june dulu

lolly:see i can go taiwan o not,ha.very very thank you!!!

jian ling:i send my laptop for repairing

liee:wait you back den treat you drink lah


Anonymous said...

Gud 2 b here.... n follow your tweet.

Bit said...

jia you for everything la!everyone live their own life and have their own problems so dont be too upset!

my mom would be very happy if i say watching tv is a waste of time XD *envious*

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