Thursday, June 24

Taiwan Episode1:In this moment

Within 24 hour,my legs will be standing on the land of TAIWAN.

I know,this is the my first trip abroad,and i'm 21 years old now lol

Just finished my luggage packing.About 7.30am,i will depart from my hometown to KL (KL again =.=).However, i'm still sitting in front of my 哇得发 HP COMPAQ laptop,facing with blogspot space.

This is the moment I have been looking forward to.Worked a part timer during weekend,and worked as trainee in semicon factory for my internship during weekdays......Those days are damn tired and tortured me.Who can survived under 7 working days without rest?I'm poor,i start to save my travel fund from zero,right after bought the ticket.Now,the fund amount still haven reach my target,even my budget just half of other friends who will going to taiwan with me.Let it be,i control my life,not controlled by life.

Throughout the trip,there have other four secondary schoolmates accompany with me,but almost all the trip's preparation,for instance,hostel booking,car booking,travel schedule planning are prepared by myself,yup,i do all the pre-trip work alone (macam aku ialah tour guide mereka) =.=

Anyway,just hope that this is the most memorable trip i ever had,at least will no bankrupt when back to malaysia =.='' of course,a safety earthquate,no typhoon,no accident

AIR ASIA,please give me a good first impression!

Gonna lay on bed now,TAIWAN,i'm coming!!!

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