Monday, February 22

DaYao 2010 concert

  Dayao 2010 concert will be held at DTC,university of malaya on coming wednesday.I'm busy like hell.......

  Well,i m one of the musician in this concert,as a "lansi"bassist,haha.In this concert,i will be involve in 2 instrumental songs and 4 own composed songs.Yup,all the songs are composed by us,and we all are from a music group in UM,call Yaolanshou.

 I've start my preparation since November last year.It is ok for me as that period are in school holiday,but problem arise when i started to be a cheap labour in a factory,as i need to attend the industrial training for half year in order to fulfill my university requirement.You know,everyday working like hell,after finished work,i need to spend all the night for performance preparation.If can sleep 5 hours per day is very good enough.Yesterday lay on bed on 3.30am,finally,i've start feeling not well in this morning when i wake up for work.Haiz.........really hope i can go through until thursday.I don't want fall sick in this VERY IMPORTANT period.God bless me ah........

 Now still in the office.I think my condition now is terrible,but i 'm very happy,because my supervisor has approved my illegal "leave"application on this wed(actually we have not any off-day can be taken,cheap labour mah).Yeah,my biggest worry is no longer available.

 Later got practice again,is a final practice.Hope everything would be fine. 

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Nikel Khor said...

congrat ya..ur perform done well

from Nikel Khor

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