Wednesday, January 27

Malaysia chocolate fair 2010

ermm,i have written this piece of blog post for such long time and finally finished it now....

There was a very unique fair held in mid valley few weeks ago, the Malaysia Chocolate Fair. It is attractive as there were no kinda of fair held in Malaysia before, and this is the first time! ya, create the history.... =.=

As a loyal amateur chocolate-lover (amateur means wouldn't burn his cash to look for finer or more accurate is: very expensive chocolate), I m so excited and went to mid valley on the first day right after the fair began. There, I can found many kind of chocolates from different countries and different manufacturers.I can found many kind of chocolates from different types, different taste, and definitely---difference price. However, my main focus is, I want to dig out my favorite: black chocolate!!!!!!

i found a booth which the chocolate seller was come from Russia. Their shelf has plenty of black chocolates,even got one contains of coco ingredients up to 99% !!!!! However, all displayed chocolate are for decoration purposes but not for sales!

Coincidentally,I met bunch of friends at there, and what makes it so special is, all come by pairs =. =

At last, I bought a small pack of black chocolate, and some chocolate bars to fill my empty bag. It is a pleasant experience to attend this fair,the smell of chocolate were still in my mind. Just hope that, if the fair would be held on the following year, the authority should prepare more chocolate samples, even distribute FREE chocolate to customers. ha, i m such a gila daydreamer........

2 Clouds:

Nikel Khor said...

luckly me din go lor..if not will lost money

from Nikel Khor

CloudFly said...

hear tht chocolate fair coming again,forgot at which plaza dy

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