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iBilik Taxi In Malaysia

  When everyone is fall over each other to get a Porsche taxi rides in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, there has another type of taxi in Malaysia, not Ferrari Taxi, but iBilik Taxi!
 It is not longer a strange vehicle for city dwellers in Malaysia, it can be seen everywhere.Check it, The Proton iBilik taxi !!

 Yeah, question might raised in your brain, what is the exact meaning of iBilik? isn't a new application for iPad?In its true sense,it is a website which would fulfill all your room-renting or letting needs. iBilik is formerly known as CariBilik, which has over 70,000 listings posted online all across Malaysia, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, Cheras, Setapak, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, and even North to Penang.

  So, the iBilik taxi? Haha, it just part of iBilik massive nationwide taxi campaign.Apparently the management is aims to attract more people/wanderers/travelers to get acquainted with their website, and improve the its popularity.

  As a temporary freelancer, I have to travel almost the whole Peninsular Malaysia in order to take the jobs, the matter which always make me trouble is not transport but Where should i stay? Sure there has a lot of rooms for rent, but it is totally absurd to rent a room for months, practically i just need a temporary cozy place for few weeks or until my project is closed.Anyway,short term rentals list on iBilik has make my life easier. I do not need to flipping through the newspapers or even hunt for contact numbers from 7-ll Bulletin boards/bus stops/apartments' wall in order to search the room vacancies. 

  The main page of iBilik looks simple and a little bit similar with the front page of ,but what makes me sure of one thing is: the website is definitely USEful and fulled with all the necessary information for the searchers. So, do not prejudge the website if you did not explore it thoroughly. 

  So, reached the time to experience it with yourself : .Free of charge!

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